Native American Backgrounds

Indian Shoes Indian Love Indian Love 2
Indian & Wolf Native & Wolf Indian Feathers
Fluteplayer Kokopelli Paws
Native Woman Native Woman 2 Dancing Woman
Native boy Boy & Wolf Bullskull
Native art Native Spirit Water Blessing
Canvas Free Spirit Native Maiden
Native Maiden2 Native Bride Sioux Boy
Canvas Navajo 1 Canvas Navajo 2 Canvas Navajo 3

Animal Backgrounds

Woman & Wolf Wolf Wolf 2
Wolf 3 Wolf 4 Wolf 5
Wild Horses Bear Paw Spirit Bear
Sleepy Bear White Buffalo Snake

Cowboy Backgrounds

Rodeo Buffalo Bill Annie Oakley
Saddle Spurs Old House
Wagon Trail Old Rebel

Celtic Backgrounds

Celtic Celtic 2 Celtic 3
Celtic 4 Celtic 5  

Mixed Backgrounds

Movie The Orient Cute Girl
Vikings Bonzai Tree Egyptian
Fantasy Fantasy 2 Fantasy 3
Religion Religion 2 Religion 3



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Music "White Buffalo" by Robert Tree Cody

Used by permission License #2008-122
All sounds are copyrighted by Canyon or its artists and agents.