These Graphics is sketchings I´ve made with Indian ink and then scanned them into the computor
So I could work with them in Photoshop 7. These graphics are NOT free to use.

Some of these graphics are also avalible on T-shirts print. You can find them on my
other Black Hawk Design site att this address Hawkdesign

Geronimo Chief Joseph Sitting Bull Dreamcatcher
Native Shield Lost Horizont The King James Dean
Vikings Billy The Kid Buffalo Bill Wyatt Earp
Book Cover Kokopelli Pow wow Native Warrior
Native American Wild Bill FlutePlayer 1 FlutePlayer 2
Native Feathers Wild Bill 2 Jesse James  


Black Hawk Design 2004 - 2008 © all rights reserved

Music "Peyote Song" by Paul Guy, Jr. & Paul Guy, Sr.

Used by permission License #2008-122
All sounds are copyrighted by Canyon or its artists and agents.